Hints on Grass Care...

Lawn Aeration
  • As with all living things, grass needs air and water to grow and simple lawn maintenance can make all the difference.
  • Due to outdoor activities in the garden during the summer months which combine to cause surface compaction, lawn maintenance is crucial to prevent damage. Drainage is impeded and it is harder for air, water and fertiliser to penetrate the roots.

  • Lawn aeration during the Spring and Autumn helps in allowing the soil temperature to rise more quickly and the surface to breathe.
  • Our range of Agri-Fab trailed accessories contains both spike and plug type aerators which are easily attached to our garden tractors. If your lawn is not sufficiently large enough for a garden tractor, this can be done by hand with the use of a fork driven into the grass at intervals.

  • Lawns must be watered during the dry summer months and prolonged dry periods will impede grass growth if lawn maintenance does not include watering then deeper rooted weeds will overtake the growth of the grass.
  • If the grass does not spring back after standing on it, it should be watered.


Trimming the Edges
  • Try to ensure your mower reaches right to the edges, the cutter decks on our range of ‘direct collect’® tractors overlap both front and rear wheels allowing close up cutting making tidying the edges a quick and final task.
  • Investing in a good lawn edger, such as the Lawnflite 580A Edger will make light work of the task and will give you a neat and attractive finish.



  • Scarifying removes thatch, the accumulation of dead and decaying material at the base of the grass roots.
  • Scarifying should be carried out in the Spring to prevent the build up of thatch and to remove surface debris. Scarifying in the Autumn is also a necessity to remove fallen leaves and old grass plants leaving your lawn ready for re-seeding.
  • Scarifiers are available in the Lawnflite range.